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Conflict "Mighty & Superior"    Lyrics

Conflict "From St Paul to Seattle  Lyrics

Conflict "The Guilt & The Glory"(live usa85)   Lyrics

Conflict "Increase the Pressure"   Lyrics

Conflict "The Serenade is Dead"    Lyrics

Conflict "This is Not Enough"  Lyrics

I Oppose Thee "This is the Alf (Conflict Cover)"  Lyrics

Conflict "Tough Shit Mickey"  Lyrics

Conflict "A Question of Priorities"  Lyrics

Wat Tyler "Young Parasites (Conflict Cover)"  Lyrics

Conflict  "Mighty & Superior"

Mighty and superior we are the rulers you're the ruled
We say the grass is greener on the other side, but you canít see that of course
We represent the nation; itís our people we put first
We even bail out third world countries
Itís our investment they deserve it
Simply forcing back the Russians with peace missiles built for trust
Screwing with the Yankees - law and order is our must

Sick and fucking tired of their collaborations
Forwarding the clock to our extermination
Weíve got a one way ticket for a seat to destruction
Itís their choice our must to rise with the mushroom
Hail to the mushroom - the total combustion
The realisation of annihilation
Poseidonís answer, the trident blunders
Your choice our must to die, but you are wrong

Mighty and invincible as they boil the seas for power
Recruiting armies on the land to protect the state that cowers
From the Ruskies - from the dollar
Oneís investment one is our enemy
These people why canít they love?
Human feelings donít that matter?
Much rather they would rule, building castles and tycoons
Throwing a crust out to the third world, sending rockets to the moon
Making missiles, tanks and bombs
Nuclear power for our homes
Raising hell up from the mines
To the last human sacrifice...
Well, if you think allís well and strong, there is a movement thatís uprising
If you think we can take that, youíve got one hell of a shock coming
You might just have pushed too far - you are superior to nothing
The Ungovernable Force is gonna drag you out of hiding
You think you have got us beaten, but you make one slip and you'll know it
We are watching every move you make, as you are us! But forget it
For once we take an inch, you just watch us take the mile
Your servants have turned their backs on you, now the world starts to smile!

Mighty and superior you are the rulers; weíre the ruled
You said the grass was greener on the other side, but we couldnít see past force
You represent your people; itís your own kind you put first
You bail out third world countries, your investment to preserve
Forcing back the Russians with peace missiles built for?


Conflict  "From ST Paul's to Seattle" 

From protest to resistance

The abolishment of power?

He monitors the obvious

Question - from control tower:

Is protest when they hand out leaflets

Or riot trough the streets?

Answer: whatever, they don't stand a chance

Ignite - we're turning up the heat

They took a lucking liberty last year

Letís  see them try it again

They desecrated the cenotaph

Did you see our finest leader's head?

So we portrayed them in the media

Which it seems no one has seen?

These scum donít know whatís right and wrong

Thereís no excuse for what they've done


An excuse do you want one?

Ok. how about this for a start

If you're too .stupid to listen to common sense's heart

Then expect time and time and time again

Our anger to resist

It ain't your world; itís everyone.

Unlike the cherished power that you insist



Hold on you fucking anarchist scum

Be warned our force is second to none

Surveillance' Monitored movements' Is zero tolerance so unclear?

It means get back and stay put

No opinion, don't concern

Youíve got the point - now feel it

Will you moronic bastards ever learn?


We bow to no one


From St Paul's to Seattle

Thereís now millions who won't be taught

Who donít obey, confirm conspire

Whose views Cannot be bought

And sold by banks and governments

To accept and follow blindly

As they destroy our planet

Our song always remains defiant

Those who care regardless

Who don't hold their hand but bite it

Who don't accept, refuse

They have nothing left but to fight it

Standing fimly in the future

With one foot inside the door

Our message as ever simple

We won't take your shit no more


Resist, exist, freedom  


Conflict "The  Gulit & the Glory"

From day one they say "listen to me". You are born with eyes but theyíre not to see
Keep looking straight ahead and donít let them stray. Donít question anything, donít think or debate
Because youíve seen it once before and you'll see it again
The strange disappearances of those who are the same
The same as the people who fight for their rights
Then backstab each other in middle of the night
The whining freedom anthem songs
Sacrifice the lot to end all the wrongs
"A few lives ruined but we still have the songs"
But the troops are marching on and on and on

We sing our own songs; we choose our own ways
You try to ignore us, but we'll never go away
Looking down on us from your privilege and greed
Taking all you can and making others bleed
Destroying all you touch now your answers are through
Iím sure we can do better than you
The left wing manifesto, the right wing sham
Tells us we canít, but I tell you we can
They might tell us we canít but I know that we can, Stuff your lies, you know we can, We can


Conflict "Increase the pressure"

The second album full of same old songs
Fighting back against a system which is cruel and wrong
Yet another battering ram against a wall of power
A blasphemous attack to blow the leaderís cover
Itís a message from those who wonít take no more
Of seeing the privileged profit from the poor
Of the scientistís piss they call research
Of being told weíre scum and should be birched

Well bollocks to them all, keep smashing at the wall
Pile the pressure on and Government will fall

But it takes more than music and more than words
To recreate a nation thatís controlled by hoards
Of police, army and fuck knows what else
That theyíve got waiting for the backlash from the people who care
To question their control, their dividing lines
Power must be tested, itís testing time

Power must be tested, we've heard that time and time again
But no matter how much pain and protest, nothing seems to change
The Government show forces and our movement cowers in fear
Some still strive for freedom, while others simply sneer

Itís the same old racket with the same old songs
Well itís the same fucking system and it still stands strong
The battle continues so bollocks to them
Who mock our anarchy then bow their heads again
You try working for something that a system canít make
Creating something that a law canít take
Back as a loss of privilege for stepping out of line
Power ain't been tested, so now's the time to fuck them up again


Conflict "The Serenade is Dead"

She wakes up in the morning; the sun is shining in her face
She turns her head around; she shares the blanket on which the love embraced
She looks out of the window; itís a lovely day outside
She tells herself that things are fine, he pulls the sheets to cover his eyes
The essence of the fresh air, that garden held the love affair
Thinking back their minds are torn in muddle and confusion
So far away another sits, who tries to make the best of it
He donít know quite whatís hit him, itís another love illusion
He gazes in his empty room eyes fixed upon her picture
The loneliness, dejectedness, God how the fuck heís missed her
His eyes turn turn to the window, the military roar by
He wonders how much hatred could evolve out of the sky
What God had done for peace on earth, what man destroyed from day of birth
They are concerned with feelings; they're just ashamed to cry
And one mans plan to push the button makes other sacrifice
The serenade is dead and now the only questionís why?
Why when we are young, weíre told itís right to love
Told itís human nature and that comes from God above
As time moves on we realise that we all look from the pit
While a plan hangs above us, to keep us in the shit
Because the minute we are born, weíre told whatís right and wrong
Raised with certain morals, never mentioned in their songs
As we grow up, we find out that the paths been neatly set
In a world of such destruction, we only can regret
Regret that is the word of it, as we look for our way out of it
Why canít they understand we donít want any part of it?
The pain they create everyday, that just ain't gonna go away
We've got to stick together, but still you're asking why?
The system stands strong, as our movement starts to crumble
The pressure we once held, has just turned into a rumble
They've got us where they want us, and you all just accept that
Well donít you think its time; we started to hit back
They are the enemy; they want a rope around your neck
And if they will go that far, then what the fuck is next?
Forget the revolution, we've heard it all before
Heard all of the promises of nineteen-eighty-four
Its an impossible task, "oh yes", it stands before us all
Well maybe you'll believe it when your backís against the wall


Conflict "This is Not Enough"

So much for the change, the re-arranging and politicians declared dead
So much for the troops forced out of Ireland, the police abolished?
I read that things had gone too far and awareness had caused concern at the top
But their backbone must not crack, so their city will not stop

We need a whole new ploy to direct our motives and anger
Force what we see as right but the system holds our banners
We need that new ploy, direct our feelings and anger
Force what we know as right, make our feelings turn into action

Meanwhile senile morans are shitting bricks because they know the people have learnt
Just whoís who and who funds what. Itís time those bastards tables burned

But it has all been said in another time
And if I have sung it once then it is a thousand times
That if we donít do it now we are never gonna break
Free from the oppression that makes us hate
Free from their law, their hypocrisy
From their war that turns our sunny day grey
To free all the animals locked in a cage
Slowly going mad with fits of rage

Itís time to overcome 1984
Forget that fairytale, slam shut the door
Itís time for reality, not false hopes
Itís time to show them whoís the joke
Itís time to take, itís not too late
So much for the changing, re-arranging, everything else we said
So much for their scum forced out of Ireland they increased the pressure instead
If things have gone too far then action will prove fatal to their props
Yes that backbone might not crack, but their city tears apart!


I Oppose Thee "This is the A.L.F."

What does Direct Action Mean?

It means that you are no longer prepared to sit back and allow terrible, cruel things to happen. The cameraman in Ethiopa took direct action, he filmed the worst disaster that has ever happened to human beings. He realised it was too enormous a problem to handle himself Ė so he took the films home in the hope other people would help. They did. Are you prepared to sit back any longer? Direct action in animal rights means causing economic damage to those who abuse and make profits from exploitation. START!

Itís possible to do things alone, slash tyres, glue up locks, butchers, burger bars, the furriers, smash windows, bankrupt the lot. Throw paint over shops and houses. Paint stripper works great on cars. Chewing gum sticks well to fur coats. A seized engine just wonít start, sand in the petrol tank means that deliveryís going nowhere. When the new death shop opens up make sure youíre the first person to be there. If the circus comes to town remember what goes up must come down.Stop contributing to the abuse yourself Ė donít eat meat, donít buy leather. Buy non-animal tested make up, herbal soap and shampooís better.

Try and form a group of people that you know that you can trust and plan ambitious direct action, sometimes risky but a must. Only when you have animal liberation will we obtain human freedom, when the last vivisectionistís blade is snapped. It will be that one step nearer to peace. Direct action in the animal movement is sussed and strong, and our final goal is not far off.

Animal lovers, vandals, hooligans, cranks; recognise the labels? They say we donít care about human beings. We say all sentient beings, animal or human have the right to live, free from pain, torture and suffering. They say because we are human and speak the same, we matter more. Is our pain and suffering any greater or lesser than that of animals? Human v. animal rights is as much a prejudice as black v. white or the nazis versus the jews an affront to our freedom. Vivisection is a violation of human beings, the same as it is for animals. We have a chemical world built on a pile of drugs to thanks for their experiments. Drugs are designed  for profit, manufactured to suppress symptons. Human freedom, animal rights. Itís one struggle, one fight. When animal abuse is stopped, then human abuse will soon stop also, an attitude of mind. ďAn eye for an eye leaves the whole world blindĒ. Start by protecting the weak, the defenceless, animals, the sick, the disabled. Compassion and emotion are our most important safety values. If we lose  them, then Ďwe loseí the vitality of life itself. Emotional? Hooligans? Cranks?....


Conflict "Tough Shit Mickey"

Mother Nature smiles and cracks a new days dawn
Most people on the earth are sleeping comfortably and warm
Out in the fields and pastures, itís another new day too
One without the war and hatred that is known by me and you
A shriek disturbs the peacefulness; the catís just killed a mouse
The mother says with feeling as she looks out from the house
Itís breakfast time, the clock strikes nine, ham, bacon, one egg or two?
What a shame about that mouse, whatís for tea tonight, lamb stew?

Well, thereís things to do, so the family divides in separate ways
Father works to earn the keep, heís a butcher and well paid
The daughters go to riding school mother washes up the crap
One son plays with soldiers; the other aggravates the cat
Back out in the fields, a different storyís taking place
Foxes cower with their cubs to escape the human race
Rabbits run for life, deer take cover in the trees
The mother sighs with disbelief, then prepares the meat

Think what youíre doing the systems set to ruin
The life not the profit weíve got to fucking stop it

Because before too long there will nothing left alive
Not a creature on the land or sea, a bird in the sky
Theyíll be shot, harpooned, eaten and hunted too much
Vivisected by the clever men who prove that thereís no such
Thing as a fair world with live and let live
The royal family go hunting what an example to give
To the people they lead and that donít include me
I've seen enough pain and torture of those who canít speak
So I'm gonna speak for them in an all out attack
And if someone tries to whip me, then I will fucking whip them back
Because I have had enough of this madness in those theatres of hell
Enough of them hounding the fox to the kill
Of baby seals being clubbed, their mothers cut up
They satisfy their greed, their wealthís built on blood
Of their slaughterhouse haunting the back of the mind
The gas chamber of the farm life, the end of the line

Itís a shame about that mouse!


Conflict "A Question of Priorities"

The winds of change are now blowing again
I can sense it; I can feel it, like a breath of fresh air
Thousands upon thousands of words, is our right to reply
A question of priorities, in a universal role

Memories surround of better times, so donít expect too much
As all seems lost, when the world finally says give up
From the dark wind swept streets, I see a glimmer of light, of hope, a presence of defiance
I wonder, and I realise that while some wait for miracles, others may help create them

From a room that has no view, I gaze from the window
I consider our purpose; the cold stars look down
And there's a feeling that someone, or something, is always looking
Strange because itís like, careful observation, the sweetest manipulation
Those smiling images of love, a confused pattern of trust
A feeble structure fleeing responsibility and feelings
And I wonder who, what, why, where and when and if in fact I am still believing?

In all those moments we've shared. Of all the things that we have been through
I feel happiness, sadness. Remember the places that we have been to
Push our views and ideas home. Of meeting people who feel alone
Of seeing anguished faces smile again. An achievement? Well I hope

As we swim from the shore, I can feel the undercurrent
I hear songs of hope and glory, but how deep is their ocean?
We turn and face obsession, a painful reminder from tomorrow
The seas a funny shade of blue now, do we drown in mistakes sorrow?
A nation remains silent, burnt out skulls, blank expressions
An image of convenience in realityís succession
Blind in the one eyed kingdom, following those who followed last
Who followed those, who followed before them? Is there a future in the past?


Wat Tyler "Young Parasites (Colin Voice Recorded on the Gathering of the 5000 in Brixton 87"

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